Derm Exclusive Reviews: Is It Really Effective?

Being one of those women who care about how they look, I’ve heard a lot lately about Derm Exclusive – featured as seen on TV infomercial, where it’s being presented as a very advanced anti aging skin care line from Dr. Ordon.

Can Derm Exclusive deliver what it says?... That’s the real question. And this is what I tried to find out. Maybe some of you want to know the answer to that too 🙂 … Now, let’s begin…

recent Derm Exclusive customer review: before/after

recent Derm Exclusive customer review: before/after

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“I am amazed by the difference in my skin highly and recommend this product to everyone. I am 77, and was skeptical but decided to give Derm a try. After using the serum, moistener and renewal creams on a regular basis, my friends ask what I have done because I look so well, younger, more rested. My skin tone is smoother, softer, and appears brighter than is has in years. What confidence booster – and it is so easy to use!” – says a 77 years old Derm Exclusive customer from December 2016

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What Is Derm Exclusive?

Derm Exclusive is a skin care system created by Dr. Andrew Ordon (from The Doctors) that is making an interesting affirmation: “It goes where the botox can’t”. Are we to believe this?

dr. Ordon

Dr. Andrew P. Ordon

Who Is Dr. Ordon? Dr. Andrew P. Ordon is a highly trained plastic surgeons from Beverly Hills that specialize in cosmetic procedures of the face, breast and body – he helped many celebrities maintain their beautiful look.

Wikipedia says:

Andrew Paul Ordon, M.D., F.A.C.S., sometimes billed as Dr. Drew Ordon, (born December 9, 1950) is an American plastic surgeon and television talk show host. He is best known as a host on the syndicated talk show The Doctors.”

So, it appears that the man really knows what he is talking about.

Are You Ready To Fall In Love With Derm Exclusive?

derm exclusive real customer reviews

In other words, those of you who are thinking to get some botox done or other expensive kind of anti aging surgical procedures just for the sake of getting rid of those annoying wrinkles off your face – are advised to give Derm Exclusive a chance to work on your face and see the same (or even better) results.

That’s a pretty bold statement, don’t you think? Let’s take a closer look at things.

What Does Derm Exclusive Do?

derm exclusive look younger in minutesDerm Exclusive is a complete skin care system comprised of 4 initial products included in the introductory kit. Those 4 products work synergistically in order to help your skin to look more firm, smooth, younger and give you a glowing appearance.

Dr. Ordon’s Fill & Freeze® includes a powerful combination of 4 Micro-Smoothing Peptides to relax your skin’s “crease memory” and gently smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles— immediately.

The big claim is that you will see wrinkles and fine lines vanish instantly with the Fill & Freeze technology. Derm Exclusive active ingredients will make your skin look better over time and will give you anti aging results hard to believe:

  • Argireline
  • Myoxinol
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Glycolic Acid:
  • Ultrasomes
  • Collaxyl

Those ingredients above are known to reduce signs of aging, providing help in reducing fine lines & wrinkles and are very powerful.

It’s a comprehensive skincare system designed to treat all 4 visible signs of aging.

Get the anti-aging results of in-office procedures… at home!
That’s without the painful injections or surgery, Without spending thousands of dollars, and Without the hassle of waiting at the doctor’s office!

Any Derm Exclusive Directions?

Yes, you are supposed to follow certain steps in order to ensure a complete and full advanced skin care provided by Derm Exclusive’s powerful ingredients. Those steps are:

Step 1: Micro-Peel Pads – use these only at night (they act like a Chemical peel, so use at night since it’s a little bit harsher than our creams) and use only 2-3 times per week!

Step 2: Intensive Repair Serum. Apply every morning and night. This anti aging serum acts like a photo-facial, to lighten your dark spots and give you younger looking skin.

Step 3: Collagen Lift. Use every morning and every night and you’ll start seeing results in the first week!

derm exclusive directions

Derm Exclusive Used By Celebrities

If you saw the infomercial for this skin care system, you already know that it is endorsed by actress Minnie Driver. But she’s not doing it for the money alone …

She actually loved those products so much because they deliver great results for her.

But also Chalene Johnson and Felicity Huffman have been blown away by this anti aging skin care line. Felicity even said:


“Okay, this stuff is so magical it should be sold at Hogwarts. I didn’t use it for weeks thinking, “Yeah, yeah, freeze the wrinkles… my ass.”

But then I did a little experiment:

I put it on, waited 2 minutes, then looked at my X8 magnifying mirror ( which I also call my “too much information mirror”), …

and the lines around my eyes were astoundingly improved, no joke. It kind of plumps them up and they fill in!”

What About Real Users Reviews?

Is Derm Exclusive efficient? Because no matter how many celebrities endorse a certain skin care line, you want to know if it will work for you… in other words what are real people saying about it?…

Well, we have to take into consideration that this anti aging line is approximately new on the market and not so many reviews are found on the Internet. Nevertheless, I did a thorough research and tried to make for myself an opinion about it, which I could offer to you here, to save you time and headaches.

derm exclusive testimonials

So my findings are the following:

One thing that I liked about it is the fact that being a product sold through Beachbody company, you can enter the official site and read through real customer reviews left by people who actually tried the product and left their impressions.

There I found some mixed reviews though. Some women have experienced amazing results with Derm Exclusive, others not so much.

If not yet convinced, read more customer reviews here. You’ll read more opinions.

I’ve also dedicated an entire page for real Derm Exclusive reviews with before and after photos, and impressions about the Fill & Freeze pen.

Derm Exclusive Pros and Cons

Most complains about Derm Exclusive had to do about the Fill and Freeze pen, which seems to run out much faster than it supposed to do, or even that the pen is too dry and does nothing for the customers. One particular customer even asked Dr. Ordon about it, and he replied. Maybe this answer can help you:

fill and freeze pen complaints

Others were complaining about not getting any results or partial results. Dr. Ordon said though that you can really see results in 30 days, but the real magic occurs when you continue to use the system until your skin has time to show an impressive change.

Many times it depends on your age, your skin condition, your heath status and/or any other factors. If you are really committed to achieving results, you cannot give up on the first month thinking it will not work.

Any impressive result is worthy of your time and budget. Wouldn’t you wish to look much younger that you do now?… Patience and perseverance are the key. Why I am saying that?… Because I found that many women, especially in their 50’s or beyond have had amazing results with Derm Exclusive.

Take a look at this testimonial left by a very satisfied customer… expressing her gratitude.


Derm Exclusive dramatic results – a new zest for life for this lady!

and more:

derm exclusive one year result


Derm Exclusive Scam Complaints

There were some that were saying ‘this thing is a scam’, and advised people to keep their money safe because they will be billed after the 30 days trial period.

Now, let’s make one thing clear: you can clearly see the terms and conditions offered on the Derm Exclusive as seen on TV offer page.

You are invited to try Derm Exclusive risk free for 30 days. If it doesn’t work for you, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, you’ll just send it back.

derm exclusive complaints

This offer will also subscribe you the Beauty Circle and the auto-ship program as shown below. So be advised, and do not call it a scam. It’s written right there, black on white:

“With today’s order, you’ll automatically receive a new 90 day supply every 3 months for only $39.95 per month (+$9.95 per shipment). You can cancel or customize your kit any time by calling customer service.”

Derm Exclusive Customer Service & Cancelling

But if you’re not happy with that, you can cancel anytime. Customer service is very friendly and supportive. They’ll talk you through your cancelling option or any other questions you may have.

You can find more about this, their phone number and their returning policy on their F.A.Q. page that you can access looking on the right corner on the bottom of the official offer page.

Derm Exclusive Price 30 Days Trial

You can get your Derm Exclusive introductory kit for just just $39.95 (+$6.95 S&H)
*30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! (less s&h). Offer available for U.S and Canada only.

The official Derm Exclusive TV offer page is the only place advised to purchase your kit, if you want to be eligible for the money back guarantee. Yes, you can find it also on Ebay and/or Amazon but not with the guarantee.

Ready To Look 10 Years Younger?

It all comes down to 2 choices: you’ll try it or not. Let’s see …

What you will LOSE if you don’t try it:

  • the chance to apply on your skin one of the latest anti aging technology in existence
  • the possibility to shock your colleagues and friends after a small period of time
  • the chance to feel that extremely exhilarating feeling when in front of the mirror you observe a much younger appearance of you 🙂
  • you’ll get to keep the investment though…


What you will GAIN if you’ll give it a go:

  • a huge amount of happiness & joy feeling a much younger and beautiful person
  • you will enjoy a revival of your love life, regaining back the confidence in taking the first step towards reinstalling a romantic atmosphere between you and your loved one
  • you will feel beautiful and special knowing that you’re treating your skin with the very best for a total anti aging protection
  • you will have to put up with those nasty talks behind your back and envy from other females that will be surprised or maybe … disturbed by your transformation 😉


***Update 09/09/15: more proof that if you give it time and commit to it, Derm Exclusive will give you those anti-aging results that you were looking and hoping for:


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***Update 01/29/16: I am happy to read some amazing new customer reviews for this anti aging skin care line. It seems that people are usually reluctant to leave reviews for products they have tried, even if they were very happy with the results.

So, the company had the amazing idea to create a sweepstakes contest, so people can be more motivated to leave their impressions about the product. Just real impressions: if they have been pleased with the product, what were their results, so others can read about them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “oh, well… these are payed reviews” – now let’s think about it for a minute: why would somebody want to win something they don’t like? 🙂

Besides, we are talking about already existing customers, many of them for year as you can read in some snapshots below. Don’t mind the stars, just read carefully and feel the emotion. Enjoy!

“I have tried face products with 3 different companies over the past 6 years and have been with Derm Exclusive for the past 3. I can’t say enough about it. I’m 65 and am told I look about 55. I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun over the years, 30-40 minutes EVERY DAY in the summer for the past 15+ years and as a result HAD dark marks and many wrinkles, both are undetectable. ( All without Micro Peel Pads).

– this lady looks 10 years younger now 🙂

Worth the money!!!

See the difference! 😉

20 Years off?! Great result!

Time eraser…

Note*: I also noticed that they’ve improved the customer service interface and are responding to people issues & questions. They are reassuring them of their money back guarantee if they are not happy with the product, or making their best to accommodate with the shipping and payment options for every client and offering personal conciliation. This is awesome!


Final word: Some women don’t have the patience to give this product line time to show noticeable results and started blaming it along with the company of being a total scam.

From my point of view, as I already said above – there cannot be such a thing because you can get your money back if are not happy with your results and you’ll also benefit from assistance and personal advice from Derm Exclusive‘s representatives.

This line is acting more like a skin treatment at a profound level, the best results are showing in the elasticity of the skin, luminosity and that glowing effect that many have experienced. And it’s most appreciated by older woman who really experience deep joy looking in the mirror again and see a younger version of themselves.

Regarding the cost of the product and some opinions of being too costly – let me ask you: compared to what? What do you think advanced treatment for your skin and taking a few years off your face should really cost? If this could have been done with 10 bucks, then aged skin wouldn’t be a problem to talk about these days, anymore…

In fact, if you’re a person who is not ready and willing to invest in your appearance and constantly looking for cheap solutions, I have news for you: there isn’t such a thing.


That will give you RESULTS, I mean. If you’re that type of person, then this is not for you. With such a mindset, you’ll probably sabotage your results anyway. Just leave this page now, save yourself some time.

Sure, you’ll find many advising you to go buy instead any other cream found at the supermarket. I have another question for you: if you’re looking up this product, chances are that you need it, don’t you? You want to get rid of some fine lines, wrinkles and regain some of that younger appearance. You know you do.

Are we to believe that you’re not already using or used many creams, potions and whatever you could get your hands on in the past? You most certainly did. And those products aren’t satisfying you anymore. These are good to moisturize and maintain a certain nourishment for the skin, as a basic routine.

To successfully attack wrinkles… that’s another story. You need powerful ingredients, proven technology, quality, commitment, money and time. And a positive mindset. 🙂

2017 Update*: Derm Exclusive skin care line is now available only on

review for Derm Exclusive Facial Cleanser 6 oz

 So… are you interested? Then, make the move and

Click the images below if you want to try first hand over the miracles Derm Exclusive can do on your skin: if you’re over 45’… some years off your face are priceless!!!! 🙂

And for a reasonable price related to the value and benefits that this will bring into your life! Pick your product of choice!