Derm Exclusive Fill And Freeze Real Reviews

Does Derm Exclusive really work for wrinkles?

This is a question many women are trying to find an answer to searching the Internet. Of course, if you were in a situation to dislike what you’re seeing in the mirror every single day, then you’ll try to (re)search any possible method to improve that situation.

I know, aging is a natural process… We all are going to grow old – this is inevitable.

Sure, prevention is better than trying to compensate later, but if you find yourself in the situation above and if you are person who cares about how she looks and always wants to look better, or if you are in a leadership position and always want to impress – it’s hard to give up and just accept your wrinkles without trying everything and anything under the sun.

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Can Derm Exclusive Be A Solution?

I researched lots of articles and websites, forums or any other pages to find real information about this. And I know you want to hear the bad stuff, because is impossible that a product fits everyone or everybody saying only good things about it.

So I’ll show you first the complaints about the product and negative reviews about Derm Exclusive that I could find so you can be warned and not accuse me later for trying to hide those from you.

Derm Exclusive Complaints & Negative Reviews

Just as I wrote here , the majority of complaints have to do with the Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze pen who seems to runs out quicker than expected for some customers. Or, for some it does nothing for their skin – customers feeling disappointment and frustration.

“I was so excited to start using Derma and after 3 months I still do not see a difference. Especially with the Wrinkle Eraser I thought it would help the wrinkles on my cheeks. I went thru the 2 wands and even got a third, Nothing. So It it regret that I will be cancelling any future shipments. Even if there was a small degree of improvement I would have been happy. But for some reason this product did not do what ti claims for me.” MJ47 – from official site

“The wrinkle freeze does not work and you can’t use concealer with it because it cakes. I’m sending the order back. Very disappointed.” – Nana, review from official site

“The product did not work at all for me. What attracted me mostly was the fill freeze. It did not work. I could not even apply it under my make up. No change as promised.” – Didi, review from official site

“I was very disappointed that a product endorsed by Dr. Ordon didn’t last, especially the Fill and Freeze. Maybe a little more product, lasting 30 days at least, would leave your customers coming back for more.” – TexasGirl, review from official site

“The fill and freeze works really well, but there isn’t enough of it to last more than a week. I used it only on crows feet and lines above lips once a day. No wonder they give you another tube free!” – princess, review from official site

Dr. Ordon giving an answer:

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“While the product feels good on the skin and is a good moisturizer it has not lived up the my expectations after watching the infomercial. I see no noticeable results. The Fill and Freeze make the skin feel tight but does not diminish fine lines.” – a, review from official site

What About Those Who Were Experiencing Results?

Beside those negative reviews, I found that some women (and man for that matter) did get some amazing results with Derm Exclusive which made me to conclude that it may depend on your skin type, commitment in applying the product or how long was the product used on the skin.

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“I ve been using derm exclusive for about 6 mo now and I love it. It does what it claims to do. My skin is gorgeous and I get compliments all the time.[…]” – linda, review from official site

“I have used the products for approximately three months. Have liked the way they feel and had noticed some change. But until I went to visit a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a few months, I did not realize that the products must have made quite a difference because she asked me if I had had surgery or done something else to make me look younger. In delight I told her I had only used some new products. And, that because I look at myself every day, I hadn’t realized that they have made a difference.” – aikano, review from official site

“I took a chance on this…before I was about to try Botox…I can not believe how this cream has changed my complexion and diminished fine lines. I wish I would have before and after photos of my skin! I have tried everything!! I’m so happy with the results, I 100% handsdown would recommend this to anyone. You can’t beat the price either!!” – Kat, review from official site

“I’ve seen better results in four weeks than I did in four months of using Meaningful Beauty. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. The results just keep getting better and better.” – Marsha, review from official site

“I’ve been using Derm Exclusive for 2.5 months now and I am told, at least 2-3 times per week by my clients that my skin is glowing. I am almost 39 yrs old and nobody believes me. That’s what every gal wants to hear!” – flab2fabmom, review from official site

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“I am thrilled with the Derm Exclusive product. Since starting this regimen, my skin has never felt better. I find people staring at me, trying to guess my age. It is really very flattering. Thank you Derm Exclusive for turning back time.: – Ms. Frazier, review from official site

“I have been using Derm Exclusive for about 6 months and have noticed a definite difference in my skin. My skin is healthier, tighter,more youthful looking. I will continue to use this product. I am 70 years old and have used many products over the years. This is the BEST!” – luv2dance, review from official site

“I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks now, and I absolutely love it. The cleansing pads are amazing, really help prevent acne breakouts and smooth my skin. I’m not a big fan of the “fill and freeze”though. I don’t see much difference in wrinkle reduction, and it cakes up make up. The serum and moisturizer are wonderful. I have seen a significant reduction in pore size and acne scarring.: – anette, review from official site

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What Now?

I tried to give you all the facts – the good and the bad such as I found them. My personal impression is that this can be a really good skin care line for lots of women out there to at least try. Nothing to lose here.

You owe it to yourself to see if Derm Exclusive can make a difference on your skin. And on your wrinkles as it did for these women here.Until you try it, you wouldn’t  know.

As you can see, amazing results were achieved. I think the key here is to have a positive mindset, don’t go into this thinking it wouldn’t work. Be patient and give it some time.

It seems the more you use it the more your skin will gain a youthful appearance.

My advice: if you’re the type of person who love results more than money you have to spend, go for it. The worst that could happen would be to sent the products back for a refund if you don’t like them.

But if you do, and you’ll start loving looking in the mirror again, than the investment in yourself will be more than worth it when you’ll receive loads of compliments and words of appreciation about your skin. Good for your self-esteem, too.

And that my darlings, have no price – at least for me. If you would like to read more, click the images below to get your Derm Exclusive skin care product of choice.

2017 Update*: Derm Exclusive skin care line is now available only on

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