Fill And Freeze Pen – A Magic Wand?

Searching for Fill And Freeze pen reviews, I’ve come to understand that for some women it is indeed a magic wand. Just a quick move and wrinkles seems to freeze, giving them that younger look they’ve been searching for.

Celeste fill and freeze results

What’s Making Fill And Freeze So Amazing?

fill and freeze penDr. Ordon‘s celebrity clients like to call it “their little miracle”. And that’s because it uses the latest technology breakthrough in skin care science.

The micro-smoothing peptides help eliminate the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles, instantly and visibly restoring skin to its natural smooth state.

And that’s the power of this pen. Instantly reducing the appearance of lines and small wrinkles.

Important! When you use it for the first time, make sure you twist it 15-20 times until you see the fill & freeze solution appear.

After that first time, you only need 2-3 clicks.

How To Use The Fill & Freeze Pen?

You can use the Fill & Freeze pen directly on your skin, or on top of the concealer or base. But I think is better to brush it directly on your skin, underneath your eyes, on the crows feet, cover the lines around your nose and mouth too.

Don’t forget the laugh lines, the forehead and any other expression lines too. Dr. Ordon says this appliance of the fill & freeze solution will relax the crease memory of your skin and give you the baby appearance of those fine lines.

Those instantly immediate results last up to 8 hours, so you can reapply anytime you think your skin  needs it.

Fill And Freeze Reviews

fill & freeze customer reviews

Fill & Freeze – their magic wand!

What are people saying about this product? Many pros and cons opinions are left on the web from those who tried it.

There are some negative ones that I speak about here and here, but I want to write on this page about those who really loved this product and achieved amazing results.

 Cathy Cooke says:

“This product is a miracle worker, can’t live without it!”

Cathy fill and freeze results

Cathleen Walters:

“It really does the job- not just marketing.”

Kathleen fill and freeze results

Lisa Flowers prefers

“Fill and Freeze 4 sure!!!”

Lisa fill and freeze

Celeste D’Amico says:

“Love them all, but Fill and Freeze is amazing!”

Celeste fill and freeze

Victoria Onorato loves it.

“I love the Fill and Freeze! My lines are less visible around my eyes and on my forehead!”

Victoria fill and freeze results

Keri Schultz loves them all…

“I love Freeze n fill and the lip gloss and the sunscrees and the… Love it all!”

Keri loves fill and freeze

Sue Brown-Honnor thinks that this could be used by men also…

“Fill and Freeze is incredible. The lines around my eyes are getting less visible. Every woman needs this, well guys too.”

Sue fill and freeze results

Melixa Gonzales speaks about noticeable results with the Derm Exclusive kit.

Melixa fill and freeze results

How To Get Yours

2017 Update*: Derm Exclusive skin care line is now available only on

review for Derm Exclusive Facial Cleanser 6 oz

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